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Our Group

Our 'Wing Chun Kuen' group exists to provide a co-operative, enjoyable, and relaxed training environment where the individual can continually advance in the art of 'Wing Chun' Kung Fu.

On the whole, the participants in our group, seek to gain all the martial, mental & physical health benefits that can be gained by progressively following this profound system of Kung Fu.

These benefits are best gained with a co-operative approach to training, therefore aggressive or violent competition is not accepted within the group. Advancement is achieved through personal diligence and by challenging each others limits in a constructive fashion.

Our Wing Chun Kuen group has varied skill levels, from those that are just beginning their training to others who have been training for over 25 years.

Most of us have trained under Master Jim Fung in Adelaide and several of us have also trained under Grandmaster Tsui Seung Tin (Chu Shong Tin) in Hong Kong.

Tony and Lindy were introduced to Wing Chun in 1983 through a WEA short course at Sifu Jim Fung’s school in Adelaide.  They then travelled overseas and on their return took up Wing Chun with a vengeance.  The initial learning experience consisted of a lot of self defence style techniques.  They trained and taught in the centre and ran a branch at Dover Gardens.  In 1986 the school was privileged to have a visit from Sigung Tsui Shong Tin.  It was his first trip overseas and he was in Adelaide to present at a Martial Art Masters Convention.  It was a very enlightening time.  His main message was to use the mind to produce “relaxed” and not brute force.

Tony and Lindy were the first junior students to travel independenly and train in Hong Kong in 1988 and this message was reinforced by Sigung’s students and their approach.
They have returned to Hong Kong a number of times.  

In 2003 they started their own group “Adelaide Wing Chun Kuen”, to continue learning and teaching in a manner similar to what they had experienced in their early trips to Hong Kong.